About Us


Inspired by the search for a special gift for my husband for the birth of our daughter, I stumbled across the customized jewellery options only available in the overseas market. It was the dog tag piece that inspired me to start this business venture and hope that it continues to inspire others!

The Design Tree synthesizes art and steel to bring unique and creative decor and fashion pieces to market. By making use of the latest technology, our designs are manufactured from  stainless steel, mild steel and aluminium, resulting in modern and authentic design pieces.

The Design Tree, utilizes laser cutting technology to combine art, steel and aluminium, along with customization resulting in home decor and fashion accessories to suit a variety of styles. 

Located in Johannesburg, South Africa, we ship all items within the borders of South Africa. We do not have a shop, but work solely online.


We also offer a full customization service from personalized jewellery to customer commissioned home decor.

Contact us to find out more information and bring a new dimension to your home and wardrobe.