Wildfire is our outdoor firepit and braai range.

These items will give your outdoor space a sophisticated, modern edge.

The Fire Pits are made with clean cut geometrical blades, a wide opening for maximum effect and an additional fitting for a good old South African potjie. The fire pits are cut from 5mm steel and hand assembled. They are sprayed with a heat resistant spray for longevity.



Wall Braai


The Wall Braais are perfect for any space, from small garden spaces, patios and balconies. Easy to install onto the wall and easy to clean.

Available in 2 sizes:

Compact - perfect for 6-8 pieces of meat

Large - Perfect for 10-12 pieces of meat



Wall Braai Installation:

The Braai will be supplied with a back plate that attaches to the wall. 

10mm plugs with 60mm coach bolts will be required.

Drill relevant size holes into the wall, line up back plate and screw in.


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